Love It or Hate It, Here’s Your Guide To Valentine’s Day

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We are just a few days away from that one day a year which some of us love while the rest of us hate: Valentine’s Day.

For those of you in relationships, it’s a day for you both to enjoy one another. This is the one day a year where flowers are a requirement, along with chocolates and fancy dinners. Of course, you should be giving your significant other the same treatment you do on Valentine’s Day the other 364 (365 on a leap year) days a year. The same love, appreciation, and admiration should be displayed every day throughout your relationship, not just on one day a year. This one day though, is to make everything even more special. It’s to celebrate one another. Enjoy it, be cute, be lovey dovey, brag about one another, but don’t over do it. Please.

There’s no reason to post 3 Instagram posts in one day or a 4 minute story on Snapchat. Show us your love, but do not go overboard. It makes those who hate Valentine’s Day even more anti-love.

Now, those of you who are single and hate Valentine’s Day, don’t rain on the lover’s parades. Let them love each other. After all, love makes the world go round. It’s okay to not like the holiday. You might have a reason for it or you might not. Regardless, you do you while the rest of the world does them.

Similarly to the couples being told not to over do their love, don’t over do your hate. Post a status on Facebook if you need to, but don’t go crazy shutting down people’s love. That’s not right, and not something you should do.

For the rest of us single gals who don’t necessarily hate the holiday, but don’t have a significant other to celebrate with, gather up your closest friends and celebrate with them. Galentine’s Day is a thing, too. Okay, maybe not nationally, but in our hearts it is. Buy chocolates for your best friends, or sushi, whatever they like. Spoil each other. Love each other. Laugh with each other. Don’t let the lack of a lover bring you down, and don’t let the hatred from the bitter single ones bring you down, either.

Love and be loved.


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