SSS – Stop Saying Sorry


We have all gotten used to saying sorry for every single thing. We even apologize for not answering to text messages while in the shower. I know I’m not alone when I say that the value of the word “sorry” has drastically declined since it has become so over-used. Here’s a list of what we need to stop apologizing for.

1. Taking time to yourself.

We all need to sit back and breathe once in a while. Never apologize for taking time to gather your thoughts and take care of yourself. You are your own person. No one deserves the time and energy you should be putting into yourself. If you need a break from social media, take it. Don’t apologize. If you need a break from your friends, take it. Don’t apologize. If you need you time, take it. Don’t ever apologize for it.

2. Not answering quickly to texts/phone calls/emails.

Technology has consumed the best and the worst of us. There’s no reason to apologize to someone through a screen for taking care of more important business which took place right in front of you.

3. Saying NO.

Along with taking time to ourselves, we can’t always be available to everyone all the time. It is okay to say no to your friends, family, and co-workers if you are unable to commit to something or unable to do something. Your wellbeing is more important than anyone else’s and you have no reason to justify your “no” and you most definitely don’t owe them an apology.

4. Putting your priorities first.

Whether you have a huge exam coming up, a shit-ton of homework, a work meeting, family emergency or anything else that may be a priority, don’t feel bad for putting it first. That’s the meaning of a priority. Don’t apologize for being responsible. Take pride in being able to keep your priorities at the top.

5. Other people’s actions.

You are only responsible for your own actions. Sure, friends and family can do some really embarrassing things sometimes, but you’re not responsible for them, even if you are with them.

6. Telling the truth.

It seems that everyone sugarcoats these days, and very few people speak the honest, brutal truth. Never apologize for being true to someone. If that dress does indeed make her look fat, tell her, and don’t apologize. It might shock her at first, but in the long run, she’ll thank you.

Stay true to yourself, and save your sorries for when they’re actually needed.


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