To The Guy Who Made Me Fall, Hard.

You led me on. You gave me hope. You made me feel special, and then you stripped it all away from me, little by little. We started off as friends, and it slowly progressed to more.

At first, we would just joke and laugh- innocent fun. It made me enjoy spending time with you. It made me look forward to seeing you because I knew I would end up laughing so hard I would forget to breathe. At that point, I didn’t think of us as anything more. I just genuinely enjoyed being with you.

Things quickly changed, and it started with a kiss on the forehead. The most gentle, sincere thing a man could do. It screams “you’re mine”. It’s a small, kind gesture that made me feel at home. It made me look at you differently.

It made me think you wanted me, wanted more than just friendship. I started seeing a future with you. I started thinking you could be the one. Between all the laughs we’ve shared and our silly little jokes.

I can’t forget that kiss on my forehead.

After some time, that lead to more, and more, and more. At this point, I felt there was a lot of chemistry between us. You played with my hair, you know I love that. Your touch would bring me to a different world. Just laying next to you felt like home.

You gave me hope. I saw a future. I wanted you to be mine.

Slowly, you started stripping these mutual feelings away from me. You became distant, left me stranded in my thoughts. Was I not enough? Did I do something wrong? Is it someone else?

I’ll never know, and it kills me inside.

I thought we could have been great together, and I thought you felt the same. I guess I was wrong.

I still think about you, even though I know I shouldn’t. But I still have hope, I still believe you’ll come back around. I can’t promise I’ll be here when you do.


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