Why Dating Is So Fucked Up These Days

If you’re in your 20s, you’re either engaged, married, pregnant, in a relationship, or single. It’s a very strange age to be and can cause a lot of confusion for some. For those of us whom are single, dating really fucking sucks. It’s nearly impossible to find someone who’s looking for a relationship, or so it seems. Most single guys in their 20s just want to hook up and enjoy their youth, and a lot of girls make it very easy for them to do so. Whereas the rest of us can barely get a text back.

There’s all these rules to dating, along with expectations that are nearly impossible to keep up with. You can’t be up front with someone on how you feel because you might chase them away. If the other person takes too long to respond to you, you have to wait a while before you can respond. You can’t double text – you’ll seem too desperate. You can’t do this, you can’t do that… right, so what can I do? Sit down and stare at a wall until a guy magically walks out of it and confesses his love for me? No, of course not.

Why is it so hard to be real with someone you’re into? Why is it so bad to tell the person you like that you like them? Why is it so bad for someone to take the first step?

Is the first step a kiss – or would that just be nothing more than a kiss?

Or would the first step be second or third base – or is that just considered a casual hook up?

Does going all the way qualify as a first step – or is that still just a casual hook up?

If I start hooking up with someone for a couple months and I catch feelings, should I act on it or will that be weird?

I’m tired of this and it’s time for us to change the ways of dating. If you’re into someone, tell them. If you’re not, tell them. If you just want the person as a casual hook up, tell them. Make sure you’re on the same damn page as one another so that mixed signals don’t go flying around in our thoughts which will cause us to start overthinking – which we all know never leads to anything good. We all need to grow up and be mature about dating. We all need to realize that it’s not going to always be rainbows and butterflies and we have to accept that. And lastly, we need to stop being scared that we will lose our “casual hookup” when we bring up the topic of wanting to be more than just that.

We are worth more than that. We deserve more than that.


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