How My Dog Changed My Life

I’ve wanted a pet dog since I was old enough to speak. It would be the first thing on every Christmas list. The only thing I would ask for every year for my birthday. And the only thing I would ask for just about every other regular day throughout the year.
I never got one. 

Twenty-one years of begging and no surprise puppy. It was actually starting to become heartbreaking. 

About 6 months ago, a miracle happened. 

A friend of mine was unable to keep his adorable, loving, energetic, cuddly yorkie, and decided to give him to me. 


And he is still a baby, a little over a year and a half old, meaning he was about a year old when I got him. 

My heart and soul was so happy. 

I have been waiting for this day my entire life, and after having him for six months, he’s completely changed my life. 

I’m never alone anymore. I always have my cute, energetic (and super cuddly) pup around. If I’m doing homework, he cuddles up in his bed next to me and waits until I finish so we can play. On nice days we go for super long walks, and sometimes jogs – something I would have never done without him. On lazy days he snuggles right up next to me on the couch to binge watch hours and hours of Shameless. 

He’s my little pup. 

If I’m away from home for too long, I worry about him and wonder what he may be doing.

Chances are he’s sleeping in his bed waiting for me to get home, but still, I can’t help but wonder. 

Before having him, I wouldn’t mind staying out every time I would go out. If I didn’t feel like driving home, I would just crash at a friend’s place. 

Can’t do that anymore, I have a pup to get to. 

I looooooove spoiling him. 

New toys are his favorite, so I need to buy him more and more of them, duh. 

He loves road trips, which means he gets to come with me anywhere I go.

He’s my little sidekick. I can’t go anywhere dog-friendly without him. 

Most importantly, he’s taught me how to love in a way I never knew was possible. 

He shows me the amount of love and affection that I have for him. It’s crazy how two living things can form such a strong bond without speaking the same language.

He lets me know he cares when I’m sad by curling onto my lap and giving me kisses on my nose. He shows me he’s safe with me by always standing by me and following me around. He tells me he missed me after a long day of work by jumping on me and wagging his cute little stub of a tail. He is the definition of love. 

As I’m writing this, he’s snuggled into a ball right beside my feet, and honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way. 


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