To The Girl Who Is Scared Of Being By Herself

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Hello Gorgeous,

We need to have a very serious discussion. It has to do with you.

Now, I don’t mean to start pointing fingers, but there’s some serious topics that need to be addressed.

This is for the girl who is afraid of being alone, being by herself, and not having a guy to entertain her. If you are not this girl, then this isn’t for you.

This is for the girl who always needs someone, despite the way they treat her. She is scared of losing that one piece of “comfort” because there’s no one else to take the place of that person. She doesn’t have a back up this time, so she doesn’t want to drop the one she does have, because then the unfathomable happens – she’s alone.

She doesn’t care if this person treats her well or treats her like shit, at least she has them in her life.

Now, here’s the thing, if he’s treating her well and is being a good influence on her life, let her continue to be happy, as long as she’s not in it for the wrong reasons.

But, if he’s not right for her, treats her poorly, and a bad influence to her, she’s got to let him go.

See, the thing with a girl who’s afraid of being alone is, she knows she usually deserves better than what she’s deciding to put up with. She usually knows that person is not right for her and definitely not someone she wants to be with long-term. The thing is, though, that because she has no back up or second option and doesn’t want to be alone without a guy, she is willing to put up with whatever he puts her through – for the mere sake of having someone.

If this is you, if you are this girl, open your eyes.

Stop fearing being alone and not having a guy and become comfortable with being alone.

Get to know yourself.

Get to know everything around you without being glued to your phone while he isn’t around.

You know you deserve better, so wait for that better person to come around.

Don’t go looking for them.

Don’t give every guy who gives you attention the time of day, just for the sake of having someone.

Have some dignity.

Have some self-respect.

Have even the slightest bit of standards.

I promise you, once you become comfortable with being alone and not having someone to talk to 24/7, you will feel so much better about yourself and you will find the person you truly belong with.

Stop wasting your time on people who don’t matter.

Stop “falling in love” easily.

Stop saying “no, it’s different this time.”

It’s not love, it’s not different. It’s a different face, a different body, a different composition of cells that make up a human, but it’s the same kind of person.

Once you wait and discover yourself, that is when I, as well as others, will believe that the person is different, and that the love might actually be real.

Stop seeking comfort in others, and find it in yourself.


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