For Those Who Know They Deserve More

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You meet someone, or you get close to someone you’ve already known. Everything seems great at first. It starts off with butterflies in your stomach and a smile every time you see their name pop up on your phone. It starts with late night thoughts about what could happen and memories you can share together. It starts with acute feelings which quickly starts to lead to stronger feelings.

Everything seems great. Everything seems wonderful. Everything seems like it should be.

Maybe this is the one.

Or this could just simply be something good but short term.

Regardless, everything seems great…


Until it doesn’t anymore.

Calls & texts begin to go unanswered.

Each other’s whereabouts become unknown.

Feelings start to become confusing.

This is when you realize, you don’t deserve this. You deserve more. You deserve call backs. You deserve good morninggood night texts, along with everything in between. You deserve to be treated the way you treat the other person.

It gets to the point where you’re doing all of the giving, and you’re getting nothing in return. Sure, being with someone requires compromises, and sometimes you may have to give more than the other person given the situation. But the majority of the time, it should be 50/50, and it hasn’t been that way for a while.

A long while.

You’re hanging on by a thread, a short one if I may add. You have that one glimpse of hope that everything will go back to normal.

But it doesn’t.

That thread rips in half, and you realize you’re holding on to nothing anymore.

Nothing was ever to come out of this.

Nothing was ever to become of this.

Nothing was ever really, truly there.

Your feelings were true and genuine, but that’s the problem, it was only your feelings.

You became attached to something that never existed.

You were holding on to something that was never holding on to you.

And that’s when you realized, you deserved better.

That’s when you decided you would let go, and never look back.


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