Treat Her Right, Or Someone Else Will

Screen Shot 2017-02-28 at 11.32.05 PM.png

It may sound a bit cliche, but it is most certainly true. She’s been waiting around long enough. She’s being giving you her all, while getting close to nothing in return. She wants you, bad, despite all the shit you are constantly putting her through.

She continues to give you “one more chance” because she knows you are capable of treating her right. She knows somewhere deep down inside is a caring, trustworthy gentleman who has the capability of giving her the world.

Her friends call her stupid for giving you so many chances.

Her friends try to navigate her attraction on to someone better, someone who won’t waste this much of her time.

Over and over again she ignores them. She knows what she wants. She wants you.

No matter how bad she wants you, and no matter how much she’s willing to suffer until she gets you, she’s starting to grow tired. She’s starting to become exhausted from giving you so many chances to do her right.

It’s gotten to the point where she’s starting to slowly let go.

Once she starts giving other guys a chance. Once she starts going out on dates again and laughing at other guys jokes, know that you’re starting to lose her.

This is your last chance to make her yours. Your last chance to treat her the way she deserves to be treated. She has given you an infinite amount of chances to prove yourself to her.

But now, your opportunities are starting to run out. Once someone else begins to make butterflies flutter in her stomach and her knees weak, your chances are up, and you’ve lost.


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