Setting You Free Is Different Than Letting You Go

I didn’t let you go, instead, I set you free.

We had a good run. We spent countless of hours, days, weeks, months together. We have created so many fun memories together and have formed such a strong bond.

Officially, we were never anything. You were never mine and I was most certainly never yours.

I was too afraid to tell you how I felt, and that’s okay.

I’m sure you had an idea, regardless.

Anyway, you then met her. And our time together started to become limited. I began to see you less and less, and then not at all.

Our conversations were non-existent anymore.

It wasn’t until one night when I saw you with her. She was hesitant, but you knew you wanted her.

I sent her your way, and since then, it’s been you and her against the world.

She’s what you wanted. She’s what you needed. She’s more for you than I was, and that’s okay.

I set you free.

That’s what happens when you truly care about someone.

You let them be happy, even if it means your own misery.


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