Sunday night thoughts

Well hello there, it’s been a while.

This isn’t about anything in particular, just a heads up that I’m still here, still alive, still breathing.

My ideas for writing started to become really personal. So personal that I don’t know if I really wanted anyone I know to read them and know that much about me. I’m an open book, for the most part, but sometimes there’s things I’m not willing to share, I’m sure you all understand.

It’s been weird though, a lot has been going on, therefore I’ve had many ideas of things to write about, and mostly things others could most definitely relate to. But it’s too fresh, too sore, and too soon to let people know what I don’t want them to know.

I miss writing.

Strangely enough, I enjoy sharing my writing more than when I keep it for myself. I like to share my work because I know there’s people that will relate with it, but when it gets super personal, I get scared to share it sometimes. And writing in a journal wouldn’t suffice.

Regardless, I’m back, and I’ll start writing again very, very soon.



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