It’s Never O.K. To Force Yourself Onto Someone

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Being a girl who enjoy’s going out with her friends basically every weekend, you encounter a variety of different people. You have the fun strangers whom you form bonds with as if you’ve been friends for years – but it only lasts for one night. You have the people you randomly dance to the one song you’re equally vibing out to together, and then they disappear for the rest of the night. You have the people who try way too hard to get the attention of others, but it’s actually comical. You have the people who can barely stand but are giggling the entire time, showing how much they’re enjoying themselves in that given moment, even though they might regret it a minute later. And lastly, you get the people who are downright creeps and do not respect others (especially females), whatsoever.

This is about the last category of people who you will encounter on your night outs, especially as a girl.

I’m an extremely observant person, and since I am a girl, I will talk about my experiences or what I have observed while being out from a girls perspective.

They are fused together, so don’t go making any assumptions.

Guys, if you see a girl who’s overly intoxicated at a bar/club, here’s a pointer on what you should do: Leave her alone.

DON’T think that just because she’s intoxicated, you can approach her and ultimately get anything from her. She’s not an object, she is a person who is not in the right state of mind. Do not start touching her inappropriately. Do not invade her space. If her friend is telling you to back off, back off. Do not test your limits, just leave. What’s the fun in being with someone who can barely move, anyway? If you enjoy that, you need to go talk to someone – just saying.

DON’T start touching a girl just because you think she’s hot or you think she’s into that. First of all, you can’t just go up to someone and start touching on them, that’s an invasion of privacy. You have no right to invade anyone’s privacy, especially if you don’t know them. Being out does not instantly make these rules go away, they always apply to every situation. If, for some reason, you do decide to touch a girl without her permission and she smacks your hand away the first time, let it be. If you don’t seem to understand that she actually meant she doesn’t want you touching her *gasp* and decide to attempt again, resulting in yet another rejectionGive up. Let it goShe doesn’t like you, bro. She’s not interested. Sorry, but not actually.

DON’T think a girl owes you something if you offer to buy her a drink and she takes you up on your offer. Sorry bud, but you offered. Free alcohol is probably something most guys wouldn’t even turn down. Don’t offer if you’re expecting anything in return. If you’re not being genuinely kind to buy a girl a drink, leave her alone and don’t even bother approaching her and her friends. They’re definitely not into you and are only talking to you because you offered to buy them free alcohol. They don’t owe you a kiss or sex or anything in between. All they owe you is a simple “thank you” as they walk away with their free LIT, giggling to one another, and that’s the end of that.

DON’T go grabbing girls butts and boobs, they’re not for you. Get a blow up doll to fulfill your needs, damn.

DON’T keep pressuring a girl to do anything with you if she has said “NO.”

DON’T go whispering sexual innuendos in girls ears expecting them to get turned on by the bullshit you just spit out of your mouth.

All in all: Just don’t be that guy. 

For those of you who are that guy – I truly hope you don’t have a daughter one day. It would be absolutely terrible to grow up with a man who treated woman just like her when she grows up like absolute trash. She doesn’t deserve that, and you don’t deserve her.


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