I Can’t Move On Because of You

You really fucked with my emotions.

You made me believe in happily ever after, and then ripped it from me.

You gave me a ray of hope that everything would turn out to be okay, and you took that from me, too.

It stung so bad when you left, but I knew I’d be okay. I knew it wasn’t the end of the world. No guy is worth my tears, no guy is worth putting myself down so low that I wouldn’t be able to function. It hurt so bad, but I chose to be stronger and chose to continue being happy.

When I would run into you, my entire mood dropped from happiness to depression, but then I would lift myself back up and tell myself I will not let someone have that kind of power over me.

I thought I would be okay.

But I’m not.

And I can’t be.

Because you really fucking hurt me.

And no matter what I do, or how I feel, you somehow come crawling back into my thoughts.

You find your way back into my life, whether you notice it or not, and it fucking sucks.

I have a handful of guys after you, most of which want to give me the world, but I can’t seem to give them a chance.

And it’s because of you.

I try, I really fucking do, but they’re not you, and that’s what fucks me up.

know I have to move on.

know I have to stop thinking about you.

know I need to stop caring and worrying about you.

… but I can’t.

I hate you for making me feel this way, a way I never thought I’d ever feel in my life.

I hate you for making me believe in a happily ever after.

My life is not a disney movie, but you made it seem like it was.

I don’t know how long it will be until I get you out of my damn head, but I hope it happens soon, because I’m tired of you being in there.

I’m tired of seeing your face.

And hearing your words.

And all around having your existence in constant thought.

I need to move on, but you keep holding me back.




One thought on “I Can’t Move On Because of You

  1. I hear you so loud it echoes within the walls of the tomb for which I have sealed myself in.. no matter how many men I try to put between the memories and the promise of a future, I too find myself crying over a man who is now, so so far away.. The thoughts are seemingly impossible to stop.. but only seemingly. I’ve got faith in that.


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