I Need To Find Me

Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 7.53.42 PM.png

It’s time.

Time for me to cut ties with everyone who is toxic and not entirely significant in my life.

To cut ties with those “friends” who are never around when you actually need them.

To cut ties with the guys who are just wasting your precious time, even those that you are wasting your time with just because we all know it’s nice to feel wanted every once in a while.

To cut ties with any toxic relationships – whether it be friendships, relationships, or whatever else it may be. If it’s toxic, I don’t want it.

To cut ties with those who aren’t needed.

I need space to breathe.

I need space to think.

This has nothing to do with anyone, it’s all me, I promise.

I just need time to find myself.

To figure out what I want for myself.

To figure out where I see myself heading.

I need to learn to love myself more than anyone else, because if I can’t love myself, how do I expect another person to love me?

I need a break from talking to people every single day.

I need a break from checking social media every single day.

I need a break from relying on a small piece of technology as part of my happiness.

I need to focus more on me and those around me, physically.

Not those I speak to and see through a little screen.

I need to step out of this little box we’re all trapped in and see what’s beyond it.

I need to find me.

I need to find my place.

And I will.


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