The Lives of Mila & Marg: California Edition


Welcome! It’s time I attempt something different than my usual posts, therefore I welcome you to a glimpse of my most recent vacation with my very good friend, Jamila. For the sake of this article, I’m shortening her name, and she will be Mila.

We just got back from a five day getaway in Los Angeles, California. To sum up our entire trip in a simple two words: Fucking Awesome.

The vibes, the people, the scenery, the food – everything was just perfect.

Now, let me tell you, the moment we landed in California, our first stop was In-N-Out.

How cliche.

I know, even I’m rolling my eyes at myself, but we had to do it. As we’re waiting on this not-super-long but not-super-short line to get a cheeseburger from the number one must go to place on the West Coast, a man approaches us and presents us with two gift cards for In-N-Out. Shout out to that man because our entire first meal in California was on him.

Not that In-N-Out is expensive or anything, but we just landed, we were tired, we were waiting for our airbnb to be prepared for our stay, and we were starving. This mans kind gesture definitely helped us kick off our getaway with a great start.

Props to you, man. I applaud you, really.

Our airbnb provided us with two bicycles, and let me tell you, it was the best thing that happened to me in California. I loved being able to ride my bike down to Santa Monica and Venice, and everything in between. There was something so enticing about riding our bikes on main streets and going with the flow of traffic, something I couldn’t ever imagine doing in boring old Jersey, but seemed so surreal in California.

Maybe it’s the fact that I was near the beach.

Or that the roads aren’t as congested as I’m used to them being back at home.

Whatever the case may be, I loved having the opportunity to experience Venice and Santa Monica from pedaling at my own pace and taking in everything around me.

I already miss those bikes, sigh.

We met some pretty cool people while we were out there, but we also met some sketchy ass people, as well.

Crazy, now that I think of it.

Our first night out, we met a group of friends who were slightly younger than us by a year or two. They seemed super chill and laid-back, and we overall enjoyed their company. The following day we spent the entire day at the beach together, went and got lunch together, and went out later on in the night together. They showed us a few cool places in L.A. and it was really nice. It allowed us to see certain places that we wouldn’t have seen without the help of locals.

The day after, we planned on going to a bar with these individuals, and we did. Halfway throughout the night they just disappeared. Vanished.

When I tell you they pulled a Houdini on us, I mean it.

We have no idea what happened to them. Where they wondered off to. Why they left. Nothing.

They simply just disappeared.

For a second I thought we might have been hanging out with ghosts this entire time. But that’s clearly not a logical explanation and they were definitely real people… they just happened to do a magic trick and vanish… somehow.

Regardless, there were some other sketchy individuals we came across, as well, but overall the people were very chill on the West Coast.

The vibes were so welcoming. I felt as if I belonged, and maybe I do. Moving out there sounds better and better the more that I think of it, and maybe one day it will become a reality.

On a side note though:

In-N-Out burgers were DELICIOUS and I could definitely see the obsession and hype. As for their french fries – yes I also tried animal fries – I’ve had better. I didn’t like the way their fries were cooked and they just simply didn’t pull me in.

Burgers were still bomb though! 😉



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